How Driver Performance Scores Can Improve Safety – Article – Automotive Fleet

Valspar Corporation's Driver Performance Program was created after the company noticed an increase in driver crashes.   Over the last few years, they've focused on safety first, to develop several initiatives to improve driver safety. Read the source article at Automotive Fleet

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FREE SAMPLE ‘Letter of Instruction’ for Carrier Safety Managers

A 'Letter of Instruction' is an official document that requires awareness of legal issues, as well as your company's policies around warnings and disciplinary action. It should also include some kind of motivational words about changing behavior to benefit both driver and carrier. Already know what an LOI is? Want to skip straight to the download of [...]

How Two Fleets Approach Driver Safety – Article – Automotive Fleet

Fleet management and fleet safety companies have helped fleets set the safety bar high by offering guiding principles and advice gleaned from decades of experience. How fleets have implemented these strategies reflect both their universality and flexibility, as the following fleets shared with Automotive Fleet.  Read the source article at Automotive Fleet

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Top 10 Trends in Truck Fleet Management – Articles – Safety & Accident – Articles

What are the top trends facing light- and medium-duty truck fleets? Work Truck assembled a panel of 13 truck experts and asked them their thoughts.  Read the source article at Work Truck Online

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Peter Millichap: What can fleet operators do to improve driver conduct and road safety?

Improving road safety and improving driver behavior has, quite rightly, come into increasing focus over the past few years but more needs to be done.  Peter Millichap, Director of Marketing at Teletrac Navman, talks solutions. Read the source article at My Logistics Magazine

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Safety Tip: Driving Near Large Trucks – Top News – Safety & Accident – Top News

Thanks to our friends from businessfleet for sharing their Fleet Safety Tip of the Week. Check out these four mistakes fleet drivers need to avoid when driving around large trucks, regardless of the weather.   Read the source article at

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Safety: Three ways telematics can improve safety

By analyzing patterns at certain times of the day, fleet operators and safety managers can better understand some of the root causes contributing to higher risk. Read the source article at Fleet Management

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Improve safety for at-work drivers – advice from business experts

Real-life examples of how businesses have improved fleet safety... Fleet managers know it is an employer’s duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of their employees and other people who might be affected by their business. Businesses are required to do whatever is reasonably practicable to achieve this. This means all businesses whose employees [...]

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Fleet Driver Safety: How to Improve Driver Behavior and Your Bottom Line

Fleet managers know profitability is directly tied to their drivers. A fast, efficient fleet is a profitable fleet. Likewise, a fleet with drivers who engage in unsafe driving habits, lag behind on their routes or get bogged down with tasks like waiting for a broken-down vehicle to be repaired because it wasn’t taken for proper [...]

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Six Steps to a Safer Construction Fleet

Many companies with vehicle telematics miss out on a key opportunity to improve driver behavior by failing to properly use insights from hard braking. Vehicle telematics are well recognized as a powerful tool that can help reduce operational costs and improve safety. Whether operating heavy commercial vehicles like dump trucks or a fleet of pickup [...]

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