Week 7 on US 25E: Switching gears to focus on Divers…

We have covered a lot of ground in the 90 mile stretch from Corbyn, KY to Newport, TN - everything your Operations, Safety and Driver Teams might encounter and how to set your teams up for safety and success. Now we are switching to Driver Training.  A stretch like this on US 25E teaches us nothing [...]

How To Prevent A Dangerous Accident – It’s All About Awareness

Over these last 6 weeks, we’ve talked about many different challenges you might find driving US25E from Corbyn, KY to Newport, TN. We got into managing tight corners. We covered the dangers involved with uncontrolled divided highways. We looked at the complications brought on by a route that has more than 20 speed limit transitions [...]

Week 5 on US 25E: Caution Recommended – Transitioning Between Highway and Town

Among the challenges of 25E are the many transitions between highway and in-town travel. One minute a driver is rolling down highway roads at 65 MPH and then, with almost no warning, he finds himself needing to drastically reduce his speed and change his mind set because he is now easing through Main Street, USA. [...]

Week 4 on US 25E: How to Safely Navigate Uncontrolled Divided Highways

2nd Detailed Piece in Our 10 Week Series Traveling from Corbin, KY to Newport, TN The most notable characteristic of an uncontrolled, divided road is that people can’t see you coming around corners and you can’t see them. This is not an ideal situation for big rigs, and US 25E is a prime example. Uncontrolled [...]

US 25E: How To Negotiate Dangerous Roads And Avoid Accidents

Our 10 Week Series Continues Traveling from Corbin, KY to Newport, TN Before being replaced by the Cumberland Gap Tunnel and hiking trails, the 3.2 mile stretch of US 25E that crossed the Kentucky/Tennessee border was referred to as “Massacre Mountain.” This unforgiving section of the route was responsible for an average of five accident [...]

US 25E Handling Transitions To Improve Safety & Profitability

1st Detailed Piece in Our 10 Week Series Traveling from Corbin, KY to Newport, TN As with many stretches of 4 lane divided roads, posted speed limits and necessary slow-downs force drivers to constantly change their speeds and driving techniques. This week we continue our examination of 90 miles of challenging road across Kentucky and [...]

US 25E Series: How to Improve Safety & Reduce Risk For Your Fleet

90 Miles Each Week on US 25E Across KY & TN with Crucial Lessons for Drivers, Operations & Safety Teams It’s a beautiful winter’s morning in Appalachia. There’s not a cloud in the sky. You round a corner, hauling a full load. All of a sudden, the drive slips out from under you. You manage [...]