What the United Airlines Customer Service Failure Teaches Us About Driver Empowerment

I think the recent United Airlines “Customer Re-Accommodation” episode offers a valuable lesson and even a potential warning for driver safety technology companies and the fleet safety managers who implement those technologies. There are lessons for all in the epic customer service failure in Chicago - from the heavy-handed police response, to the computerized booking [...]

1-5 MPH Over: How Much Can it Really Cost?

If you think driving less than 5 MPH over the posted limit doesn't matter, then you might be missing the bigger picture. Any time a driver gives an officer a reason to initiate a stop, that driver is now vulnerable to other violations that the officer may not have known about if he hadn’t pulled [...]

What can your fleet learn from the world’s largest aluminum smelter?

Using habits to create a culture of safety If you are a fleet safety manager, then Alcoa has a great lesson for you. In order to effectively run a safe and profitable fleet, it is critical to create a culture of safety within your company. While this advice sounds simple, the implementation can be daunting [...]

Create Driver Incentives to Match Key Performance Indicators – KPIs

While the debate between paying a driver by the mile or by the hour has merits on both sides, we’ve found that in either case, incentives are extremely important to keeping a driver productive and safe. You’re probably familiar with the letters KPI -  Key Performance Indicators. These are the stats and data such as [...]

Do you Know How Much Your Safety Tech REALLY Costs?

You know the price of every bit of hardware; you know the cost of every version of a software license; you know the terms of every wireless subscription - but do you really know your true cost? Before you make your next safety tech investment make sure you include all the indirect costs. In other [...]

Week 7 on US 25E: Switching gears to focus on Divers…

We have covered a lot of ground in the 90 mile stretch from Corbyn, KY to Newport, TN - everything your Operations, Safety and Driver Teams might encounter and how to set your teams up for safety and success. Now we are switching to Driver Training.  A stretch like this on US 25E teaches us nothing [...]

Open Telematics Platforms: Analyzing Data Trends

Our Open Telematics Video Series continues. This is the second of three discussions of Data and Integration Challenges. We are looking at how data is helping driver performance, fuel economy and how to deal with data overload. As always, we focus on trends is more important than getting stuck on one data source or a single [...]

How To Prevent A Dangerous Accident – It’s All About Awareness

Over these last 6 weeks, we’ve talked about many different challenges you might find driving US25E from Corbyn, KY to Newport, TN. We got into managing tight corners. We covered the dangers involved with uncontrolled divided highways. We looked at the complications brought on by a route that has more than 20 speed limit transitions [...]

Week 5 on US 25E: Caution Recommended – Transitioning Between Highway and Town

Among the challenges of 25E are the many transitions between highway and in-town travel. One minute a driver is rolling down highway roads at 65 MPH and then, with almost no warning, he finds himself needing to drastically reduce his speed and change his mind set because he is now easing through Main Street, USA. [...]

Worried About Driver Retention & Recruiting? The Best Drivers Work for Safe Fleets

There has been a lot of talk recently about how providing your team with easy-to-use, dependable safety technology has become a major factor in recruiting and retaining top drivers. I think it's time to explore this a bit more. Currently, there are an estimated 1.2 million trucking companies in the U.S. alone. More importantly, analysis by the [...]