The ELD Mandate: Pros and Cons

The ELD deadline came and went last month, yet compliance remains a hot topic within the industry. ELDs are intended to replace the long-used paper logs for drivers to record their hours of service (HOS) to ensures that driver, company, and FCSA are all on the same page (no pun intended). With electronic logs, companies [...]

Drivers Are the Face of Your Fleet: The Importance of Customer Support Training for Drivers

Should Your Drivers Receive Customer Support Training? Christmas is coming, along with the very busy holiday shopping season. It’s a prime time for anyone hauling and shipping. Is your company ready for it? And more importantly—are your drivers ready for it? Most trucking companies wouldn’t think twice about requiring CSR (customer service representative) training for sales [...]

Dispatch Difficulties: The Value of Quality Dispatchers for Safety and Retention

The Coming Shortage Of Dispatchers We hear a lot about the looming shortage of qualified truck drivers, and the tactics we can use to recruit and retain skilled drivers. At the same time, nobody seems to be talking about another staffing shortage in our industry: the lack of qualified and experienced dispatchers. The Voice On [...]

Autonomous Reality: How Will Self-Driving Trucks Change the Trucking Landscape?

While science fiction fans still await flying cars, driverless or “autonomous” vehicles are quickly becoming a reality on the road. Sci-fi fans are thrilled, but the rest of us, not so much. The idea of freight-hauling tractor trailers rolling on US highways driver-free is absolutely frightening to most people. But with an 81% turnover rate, [...]

Health & Wellness: Healthy Drivers Can Help Your Company Thrive

Over-the-road drivers face a special set of challenges in the quest to get or stay healthy. Many don’t feel that they have the time to “be healthy.” Faced with time constraints and an abundance of quick but unhealthy foods in truck stops, many believe “healthy truck driver” is an oxymoron. But on-the-road health and wellness [...]

Driver Recruiting and Retention: Millennial Edition

Recruiting and keeping good drivers is always an issue. They’re not always available, and many longtime drivers are gradually reaching retirement age. The average driver in the US is almost 50 years old, and young drivers aren’t signing up in sufficient numbers to take the place of these old pros as they retire. Much has [...]

Empowering Drivers and Promoting Safety with the “Right to Decide”

When your company talks about “safety,” how far does it go? Are you giving tips with a sermon, or is safety engrained in your company culture? While “safety” covers a wide range of topics, the driver’s right to decide whether to drive under adverse conditions may be buried under other policies. Drivers are on the [...]

The Financial Impact of Distracted Driving

In the US alone there are about 2.5 million accidents every year and 64 percent of those accidents are caused by distracted drivers. Forty-seven percent of drivers are comfortable either texting manually or using voice controls while driving according to a survey conducted by the National Safety Council (NSC). But in reality, texting is more [...]

Empowering Drivers Demonstrates Leadership from Safety Managers

As a safety manager, you can make it part of your job to demonstrate the value of safety training as a way of improving overall fleet performance, efficiency, and profits - not just safety compliance. Bringing everyone on board with the importance of safety as a central aspect of performance, and not just an annoying [...]

Safety Leadership Series: What can you hear in the dispatch office?

Every time I walk through dispatch, I’m listening. For what? Not just how my drivers are being treated, but to find opportunities to make those average or slightly above average drivers into great drivers. This article the first in a new series about how safety managers can find and use leadership opportunities to demonstrate the [...]