4 ways to prevent EPA fines with fleet tracking technology

Four good reasons why dispatchers, fleet managers, owners and drivers should consider deploying GPS fleet tracking. Read the source article at GPS Fleet Management Solution

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Roadcheck cargo securement inspection tips for trucking | Safety content from Fleet Owner

Former DOT officer, Andy Blair recommends fleets encourage drivers to use the North American Standard Out of Service Criteria book to help keep their trucks in service during the June inspection blitz – especially where cargo securement is concerned. Read the source article at Fleet Owner

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Adoption of driver-facing cameras, dashcams gaining steam | Overdrive – Owner Operators Trucking Magazine

The jury's still out for many across the industry, but this is changing as fleets increasingly are opting for two-camera systems -- one facing the road, and the other facing the driver.  Read the source article at Overdrive Magazine

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What you need to know about the ELD Rule – Element Fleet

Electronic logging devices allow drivers to remain safe and accountable for their actions. According to the FMCSA, 26 lives will be saved each year. Here is a breakdown of the ELD rule and how it will affect your fleet. Read the source article at elementfleet.com

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DOT inspector tells fleets what they need to know | Roadcheck | Driver Management Resource Center content from Fleet Owner

Some great advice from Andy Blair, a former municipal police officer for 26 years and received DOT training through the Pennsylvania State Police. He inspected trucks for his last 11 years on the force. Blair is DOT-certified in cargo, tank and hazmat, and he also was a weighmaster. Now retired from law enforcement, he operates [...]

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Improving Fleet Safety: A Q&A With a Loss Control Expert

Did you know that the majority of accidents are caused by driver error. EMC Program Manager Chris Murphy answers common fleet safety questions that loss control specialists are often asked.  Read the source article at EMC Insurance Companies

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Outgoing FMCSA boss: Trucking safety, commerce go together | Darling | Regulations content from Fleet Owner

Trucking needs to do a better job of promoting itself, outgoing Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator Scott Darling said Thursday in a last-day conference call with trade media. “I’ve got a different image of truck and bus drivers [since coming to FMCSA], a different respect. They’re truly professionals," Darling said. "I want the industry to [...]

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The ELD Mandate: How Should Fleets Adapt?

2 of 2 - See also Can the ELD Mandate actually be good news for drivers? Can the ELD Mandate improve efficiencies in operations? Coyote Managing Editor, Stephen Jones interviews Martin Transportation Systems Safety Supervisor, Dale Dunaitis, and Jim Park, Equipment Editor at Heavy Duty Trucking. In the second of two videos, we addresses some specific implementation tips [...]

Feds Release Vehicle Cybersecurity Guidelines – Top News – Safety & Accident – Top News

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released a summary of cybersecurity best practices for modern vehicles, in hopes of assisting the automotive industry in thwarting would-be hackers. The proposed cybersecurity guidance, which is nonbinding, focuses on developing solutions to ensure vehicle systems take appropriate actions — even when an attack is successful. The guidance [...]

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The ELD Mandate: Might Actually Be Good News for Drivers

1 of 2 - See also "The ELD Mandate: How should fleets adopt it?" Coyote Managing Editor, Stephen Jones interviews Ken Noe, a senior driver for Martin Transportation Systems, along with Martin Safety Supervisor, Dale Dunaitis, and Jim Park, Equipment Editor at Heavy Duty Trucking. As the ELD mandate approaches in December 2017, understand how different [...]