How to Assess Driver Behavior and Improve Results – Articles – Safety & Accident – Articles – Automotive Fleet

ARI’s driver safety program, ARI Driver Excellence, uses telematics data through connected vehicle technology for driver behavior monitoring. Automotive Fleet magazine has partnered with ARI to aggregate this driver behavior data to be used as an industry benchmark to assess driver behavior behind the wheel of all types of company vehicles. Commercial fleet safety technology [...]

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Developing an Effective Driver Safety Program – Article – Automotive Fleet

The case for every organization with a vehicle fleet to have a comprehensive and effective fleet safety program has never been stronger than it is right now. With the average total cost per accident exceeding $16,000, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), changing driver behavior is more compelling than ever. the bulk [...]

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Turning Driver Safety into Fleet Success: Safelite AutoGlass Interview

For many fleets, driver safety is a top priority, but translating policy into practice can be challenging. Geotab interviewed Erin Gilchrist, Director of Fleet Operations at Safelite AutoGlass, on best practices for building a successful fleet safety program. Gilchrist was awarded the 2016 Flexy for Corporate Fleet Safety for Excellence in Corporate Fleet Safety by [...]

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CEI Holds Global Fleet Safety Workshop – Article – Automotive Fleet

Another great summary by Mark Antich at Automotive Fleet. More than 40 guests and speakers gathered to hear presentations and case studies in March this year. The event was solely focused on safety and included information about managing safety data and assessing risk among others. Read the source article at Automotive Fleet

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’Gamification’ Helps Fleet Focus on Driver Safety – Article

Turning driver management into a game and rewarding great driver behavior can be an excellent training tool. “We will reward them with different contests, such as gift cards for the top 10 safest drivers,” says Michael Crafton, president and CEO of Team 360, a building services and fire protection company. “We have taken a more aggressive approach [...]

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How IoT and machine learning can make our roads safer

Fleet safety technology sees impact beyond companies with thousands of vehicles being driving by professional drivers. According to the National Safety Council, 38,300 people were killed and 4.4 million injured on U.S. roads alone in 2015. Read the source article at TechCrunch

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Show Me the Money! Fleet Management ROI vs. COI

Minimizing operating costs in order to grow operating margins is not a killer new strategy for fleet managers. Understanding the cost of ignoring (COI) operational inefficiencies can make any good business owner think again about deploying telematics, as well as managing their drivers' performance and team success. Read the source article at

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NHTSA report shows traffic fatalities up in 2015 | Safety content from Fleet Owner

New data from DOT and NTSA show that fatalities in crashes involving large trucks increased by 4 percent in 2015 - 35,200 people. These are compelling statistics for managing your fleet with safety in mind. When you consider the operational efficiencies that safety offers, it's a no brainer. Managing driver behavior improves safety, reduces risk, [...]

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U.S. Traffic Deaths Climb an Estimated 7.7% – Top News – Safety & Accident – Top News

More information about the 7.7% increase in large truck related fatalities in 2015 compared to the previous year, with pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists accounting for the most significant increases.  Read the source article at

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AmeriPride fleet monitoring devices save $500k in fuel and truck costs

Main stream, local news is paying attention to fleet safety stats and driver performance, even including a compelling financial argument for safer driving practices. Check out this case study of Minnetonka, MN-based AmeriPride Uniform Services. Fleet monitoring devices saved the company $500k in fuel and truck costs after they installed high-tech monitoring devices across its [...]

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