Fleet Safety: The Dangers Lurking Inside Your Fleet

When fleet managers review footage of their drivers for the first time after onboarding video telematics, their initial reaction is often WOW! Some good reminders in here about driver behaviors - and how technology is helping us to change them. Read the source article at Home | Lytx


From ownership, to management, to drivers, safety is about a comprehensive system up and down and across your fleet. No matter how big or small, you can adjust these elements to make sure you are covering all of the bases of driver safety and fleet safety management. Read the source article at Thinking Driver

How might employee screening impact trucking? | Trucks at Work

Threats inside your fleet are one of the safety and security issues that should never be too far from the minds of trucking executives. This is about driver and employee screening after the initial background check - and ongoing for employees throughout their tenure. Read the source article at Fleet Owner

Changing Systems or Solutions Brings Loads of Challenges

But how you approach it makes all the difference... Implementing changes at work can be a headache, but success might be as simple as how you approach it. Because you don’t spend all day with drivers, think about what will be on their minds when they are alone behind the wheel, or logging information [...]

Electronic Logging Devices | Truck E-Logs, Fleet Safety & Compliance

PeopleNet produced this piece, but it gives you all the features and benefits choices you have when choosing a Fleet Management System or Fleet Management Software. Read the source article at peoplenetonline.com

Fleet Telematics Support Vehicle and Driver Safety

Vehicle crashes cost employers $60 billion annually, averaging $16,500 per crash. How Acadia Insurance Fleet Telematics Systems and Software can mitigate risk. Read the source article at Acadia Insurance

Recognizing Patterns & Leveraging Data

Great in depth piece from the UK about risk among drivers who drive as part of their work. Using data and fleet tracking systems, the connected fleet of the future is reducing risk by addressing driver behavior. Read the source article at Scoop.it

Workplace safety & fleet management – employee cars as office

Managing driver safety doesn't always mean fleet managers are dealing with professional drivers - or that fleet management was even part of your operational model. Read the source article at Social Cloud Suite

Charting Fleet Accidents by the Numbers – Article – Automotive Fleet

New accident stats show that managing driver behavior should be top of mind when considering how to manage a fleet of vehicles. They also show an increase in rear end collisions, mostly attributable to distracted driving. When it comes to changing driver behavior, fleet monitoring systems are only part of the solution. Managing driver safety [...]

Road To Driver Safety Paved With Sensors

As with most advances in technology, sensors are getting smaller and less expensive. Vehicle manufacturers have shown great appetite for deploying them, with the global market for automotive sensors predicted to top $US25 billion in 2018. This miniaturisation trend means more and more sensors can be crammed into modern vehicles, which increases their ability to [...]