How To Prevent A Dangerous Accident – It’s All About Awareness

Over these last 6 weeks, we’ve talked about many different challenges you might find driving US25E from Corbyn, KY to Newport, TN. We got into managing tight corners. We covered the dangers involved with uncontrolled divided highways. We looked at the complications brought on by a route that has more than 20 speed limit transitions [...]

Safety Tip: Not Choosing the Road Less Traveled – Top News – Safety & Accident – Top News

Winter 2016-2017 has arrived across much of North America. To help fleet and safety managers implement safe driving practices for winter-like temperatures and road conditions, Cautious Coyote will sahre out picks of best practices Tuesdays & Thursdays between late December and early April. We hope you'll read, share and comment. CC Winter Safety Tip 1:  If [...]

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Top 10 Trends in Truck Fleet Management – Articles – Safety & Accident – Articles

What are the top trends facing light- and medium-duty truck fleets? Work Truck assembled a panel of 13 truck experts and asked them their thoughts.  Read the source article at Work Truck Online

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VIDEO: Open Telematics Platform – Tech Challenges & Rewards

Second in our series on Open Telematics Platforms, we continue with a discussion of the best development and technical management practics to build your platform in an open way. Whether your are a customer that needs to build a customized solution on top of your platform, or a partner that shares customers and access to [...]

Beyond speed limiters, part 3: managing drivers with an Internet of Things

A wearable Internet of Things system can interact with drivers if risky behaviors occur - such as exceeding the posted speed limits or when they become distracted. It can also rate driver performance over time to make them more aware and engaged based on specific driving conditions or scenarios. Cool stuff! Read the source article [...]

Beyond speed limiters, part 2: a connected throttle

As FMCSA leaves open top speed limit decision before mandating speed limiters, SpeedGauge and MAGTEC ask why settle for one single speed limit. Connecting international speed limit data to the control system means the speed limiters that have been around since the 90's are now adjustable. Read the source article at

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Tackling the Safety Perception

The American general public has no idea how much the US trucking industry invests in safety. In face of a negative public perception of truck safety this has got to change. Fortunately there are a lot of things that companies can do at the grassroots and daily level. The American Trucking Association (ATA) conducted a study [...]

Small Fleet? Still Need a Safety Program

As a small business owner with a few commercial motor vehicles, you may not think you need a program for safety. But however small your fleet, implementing a safety program can help prevent crashes and keep your drivers safe on the road. Distribute a comprehensive set of enforceable safe driving policies to all employees who [...]

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SAFED Van Driver Training Courses

SAFED courses have a proven track record in reducing fuel consumption, improving vehicle sympathy and reducing risk. When drivers take on board the simple driving techniques they can save on average 10% on your fuel costs. If your drivers continue to drive in the safer more efficient manner then in the longer term you will [...]

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The ELD Mandate: How Should Fleets Adapt?

2 of 2 - See also Can the ELD Mandate actually be good news for drivers? Can the ELD Mandate improve efficiencies in operations? Coyote Managing Editor, Stephen Jones interviews Martin Transportation Systems Safety Supervisor, Dale Dunaitis, and Jim Park, Equipment Editor at Heavy Duty Trucking. In the second of two videos, we addresses some specific implementation tips [...]