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Stephen is the Managing Editor for Cautious Coyote, and Director of Marketing at SpeedGuage, our parent company. He is a regular contributor to Coyote Originals and manages the editorial direction of our Website and content production. You can check out his weekly video conversations with safety managers, fleet technology vendors, industry analysts and consultants. Something you would like the Coyote editorial team to cover? Register using the sidebar on the right side of the page, and send Stephen an email.

VIDEO: Open Telematics Platform – Tech Challenges & Rewards

Second in our series on Open Telematics Platforms, we continue with a discussion of the best development and technical management practics to build your platform in an open way. Whether your are a customer that needs to build a customized solution on top of your platform, or a partner that shares customers and access to [...]

VIDEO: Open Telematics Platform – Avoiding the Walled Garden

Our series on Open Telematics Platforms launches with a discussion of what we mean by a "Walled Garden," and why you want to avoid them. Think about the potential challenges you already know you have trying to integrate all the various data and systems you already use. There are serious limitations when you are confined to [...]

The ELD Mandate: How Should Fleets Adapt?

2 of 2 - See also Can the ELD Mandate actually be good news for drivers? Can the ELD Mandate improve efficiencies in operations? Coyote Managing Editor, Stephen Jones interviews Martin Transportation Systems Safety Supervisor, Dale Dunaitis, and Jim Park, Equipment Editor at Heavy Duty Trucking. In the second of two videos, we addresses some specific implementation tips [...]

Video Series: Open Telematics Platform

Endless systems and sensors are being added to commercial trucks. With them come endless data streams to tell you how well you are managing your drivers, your equipment, your schedule, your payroll... And more. Seemingly endless numbers of vendors are now selling technologies that promise improved safety performance and efficiencies. How do we make sense of [...]

The ELD Mandate: Might Actually Be Good News for Drivers

1 of 2 - See also "The ELD Mandate: How should fleets adopt it?" Coyote Managing Editor, Stephen Jones interviews Ken Noe, a senior driver for Martin Transportation Systems, along with Martin Safety Supervisor, Dale Dunaitis, and Jim Park, Equipment Editor at Heavy Duty Trucking. As the ELD mandate approaches in December 2017, understand how different [...]

VIDEO Case Study – Portway Logistics Passes 1st Compliance Audit with No Recommendations

Michelle Reynolds has worked her way up from inventory and maintenance, through to dispatch and now Safety Manager at Portway Logistics in Houston, TX. Check out our video conversation with her and Safety Consultant Kevin McKinney. Not even a month on the job, and Michelle and owner Mark John Dacy were faced with Portway's first Compliance [...]

Changing Systems or Solutions Brings Loads of Challenges

But how you approach it makes all the difference... Implementing changes at work can be a headache, but success might be as simple as how you approach it. Because you don’t spend all day with drivers, think about what will be on their minds when they are alone behind the wheel, or logging information [...]