About Jonathan Hubbard

Jonathan Hubbard is the CEO of SpeedGauge, Inc., a leading driver safety and performance company, providing software solutions that help fleets manage and control vehicle speed.

What the United Airlines Customer Service Failure Teaches Us About Driver Empowerment

I think the recent United Airlines “Customer Re-Accommodation” episode offers a valuable lesson and even a potential warning for driver safety technology companies and the fleet safety managers who implement those technologies. There are lessons for all in the epic customer service failure in Chicago - from the heavy-handed police response, to the computerized booking [...]

What can your fleet learn from the world’s largest aluminum smelter?

Using habits to create a culture of safety If you are a fleet safety manager, then Alcoa has a great lesson for you. In order to effectively run a safe and profitable fleet, it is critical to create a culture of safety within your company. While this advice sounds simple, the implementation can be daunting [...]

Do you Know How Much Your Safety Tech REALLY Costs?

You know the price of every bit of hardware; you know the cost of every version of a software license; you know the terms of every wireless subscription - but do you really know your true cost? Before you make your next safety tech investment make sure you include all the indirect costs. In other [...]

Worried About Driver Retention & Recruiting? The Best Drivers Work for Safe Fleets

There has been a lot of talk recently about how providing your team with easy-to-use, dependable safety technology has become a major factor in recruiting and retaining top drivers. I think it's time to explore this a bit more. Currently, there are an estimated 1.2 million trucking companies in the U.S. alone. More importantly, analysis by the [...]

Off Interstate: Driver Awareness Where It Matters Most

We Need to Talk About Off Interstate Driving - And we need you to talk back I know I’m stating the obvious, but if you are a safety director or a fleet manager, you have a lot of data to manage. So, here’s a tip about what kind of data can mean the most to [...]

Tackling the Safety Perception

The American general public has no idea how much the US trucking industry invests in safety. In face of a negative public perception of truck safety this has got to change. Fortunately there are a lot of things that companies can do at the grassroots and daily level. The American Trucking Association (ATA) conducted a study [...]

The Myth of the Million Mile Safe Driver

The “Million Mile Safety Bonus” is an important part of many fleet safety programs, but should we be waiting a million miles to reward good drivers? If we look at the numbers, we can see that fleets need to reward and retain safe drivers long before they hit the million mile mark. It takes the [...]