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Driving Doctor takes pain from telematics data management

Safety is a mind-set, not a skill set and requires managers to offer structured feedback & coaching techniques.  Read the source article at Fleet Management

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How Fleets Can Minimize Liability Exposure – Article – Fleet Financials

There are many key facets to operating a fleet. By ensuring the success of all the parts of a fleet, a fleet manager should expect to garner the best results in his or her operation. But the fact that fleet managers simply cannot predict what will happen to their drivers while they are on the [...]

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What Utility Fleets Can Do to Curb Distracted Driving Incidents

It’s one thing to have a strict distracted driving policy; it’s entirely another to ensure that drivers actually comply with that policy when they’re out in the field. That requires accountability – and technology can help. Most people will admit to being distracted on their phone at least one time in their life. If we [...]

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Video: How to Write & Use a Letter of Instruction for Commercial Drivers

A Letter of Instruction is usually your first chance to change a driver’s behavior, and to let him know you are tracking his performance. It can be incredibly effective when you use it to build a relationship with the driver, and inspire them to perform better and more safely. In this video we tell you [...]

Outgoing FMCSA boss: Trucking safety, commerce go together | Darling | Regulations content from Fleet Owner

Trucking needs to do a better job of promoting itself, outgoing Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator Scott Darling said Thursday in a last-day conference call with trade media. “I’ve got a different image of truck and bus drivers [since coming to FMCSA], a different respect. They’re truly professionals," Darling said. "I want the industry to [...]

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Open Telematics Platforms: Integration Challenges

Our Open Telematics Video Series continues. This is the first of three discussions of Data and Integration Challenges. We examine the ever increasing number of data sources facing fleet and safety managers, and how to manage it all. Ward Warkentin, CEO at Fleetmetrica joins me and SpeedGauge CTO Chris Kantarjiev on the tape. Check it out [...]

Identifying Safety Metrics to Create a Safer Fleet – Article – Automotive Fleet

A fleet safety strategy consists of a number of key metrics that can help reduce fleet accidents. Writing a safety policy, attaining senior-level endorsement, and handling policy violations with consistency are some steps fleet managers can take to help ensure a safer driving culture. Fleet safety can often get as much lip service as it [...]

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Planning to Implement a Safety Program? Avoid These 9 Pitfalls – Article – Automotive Fleet

The fleet industry is operating squarely in a “safety zone” today. While this is good news for fleet drivers, the public, and companies’ bottom lines, even with the best intentions, a safety program can fail to live up to its noble intentions. While the following list isn’t comprehensive, it does highlight some of the biggest [...]

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Fleet Safety Incentive Programs That Work – Article – Automotive Fleet

There is little question that keeping company vehicle drivers, their passengers, and the public safe is the single most important responsibility a fleet manager has. From vehicle selection to specification to policy, safety should be a primary force in decision making. One method used by many companies to help make safety efforts successful is implementing [...]

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A $10,000 Speeding Ticket? The hidden costs of a Major Speeding Citation

How much can a 15+ MPH speeding ticket cost your company? Thousands. Yes, thousands of dollars. And how much can it cost your driver and his family? Sadly, a lot. Losing a good paying job can cause real trouble on the home front - a lost job hurts the driver, his wife and his kids. [...]