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Trucking Industry Both Skeptical and Wary of Tesla Truck Plans | Trucks.com

The trucking industry views the plans by Tesla Inc. to develop an electric semi-tractor with a mix of skepticism and trepidation. Given the successful record of disruption, there may a bit more trepidation than skepticism. Read the source article at trucks.com

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ATA’s Trucking Moves America Forward program raises trucking awareness | Fleet Management content from Fleet Owner

Do you know how important #Trucking is to our economy? Did you know that 7 million folk move America forward daily? ATA's "Trucking Moves America Forward" program designs trailer wraps intended as 'moving billboards' promoting the trucking industry and the role of drivers...and it's a pretty cool way to get the message across. Read the [...]

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Adoption of driver-facing cameras, dashcams gaining steam | Overdrive – Owner Operators Trucking Magazine

The jury's still out for many across the industry, but this is changing as fleets increasingly are opting for two-camera systems -- one facing the road, and the other facing the driver.  Read the source article at Overdrive Magazine

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Peloton Technology Raises Cash for Automated Truck Convoy Technology – Bloomberg

On the fly convoy making --- Peloton's new system allows trucks to talk, controlling their speed and braking in tandem. Read the source article at bloomberg.com

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What you need to know about the ELD Rule – Element Fleet

Electronic logging devices allow drivers to remain safe and accountable for their actions. According to the FMCSA, 26 lives will be saved each year. Here is a breakdown of the ELD rule and how it will affect your fleet. Read the source article at elementfleet.com

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DOT inspector tells fleets what they need to know | Roadcheck | Driver Management Resource Center content from Fleet Owner

Some great advice from Andy Blair, a former municipal police officer for 26 years and received DOT training through the Pennsylvania State Police. He inspected trucks for his last 11 years on the force. Blair is DOT-certified in cargo, tank and hazmat, and he also was a weighmaster. Now retired from law enforcement, he operates [...]

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Safety Tip: Driving in High Winds – Top News – Safety & Accident – Top News

High winds in parts of the Midwest and Northeast last week led to extremely difficult driving conditions and a rash of downed power lines. Michigan saw gusts up to 68 mph, while New York saw them as high as 81 mph. Here’s some advice, provided by the Nevada Department of Transportation, on how to drive [...]

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How to deal with “Code Red” scenarios? Fleet Safety Council examines six potential catastrophes

Code Red Scenarios - Sure we try to avoid but it’s best if you’ve got a plan for the unavoidable. Read more for some helpful tips from the Central Ontario Fleet Chapter of the Fleet Safety Council   Read the source article at Utech

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Open Telematics Platforms: Analyzing Data Trends

Our Open Telematics Video Series continues. This is the second of three discussions of Data and Integration Challenges. We are looking at how data is helping driver performance, fuel economy and how to deal with data overload. As always, we focus on trends is more important than getting stuck on one data source or a single [...]

Improving Fleet Safety: A Q&A With a Loss Control Expert

Did you know that the majority of accidents are caused by driver error. EMC Program Manager Chris Murphy answers common fleet safety questions that loss control specialists are often asked.  Read the source article at EMC Insurance Companies

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