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The ELD Mandate: Pros and Cons

The ELD deadline came and went last month, yet compliance remains a hot topic within the industry. ELDs are intended to replace the long-used paper logs for drivers to record their hours of service (HOS) to ensures that driver, company, and FCSA are all on the same page (no pun intended). With electronic logs, companies [...]

Drivers Are the Face of Your Fleet: The Importance of Customer Support Training for Drivers

Should Your Drivers Receive Customer Support Training? Christmas is coming, along with the very busy holiday shopping season. It’s a prime time for anyone hauling and shipping. Is your company ready for it? And more importantly—are your drivers ready for it? Most trucking companies wouldn’t think twice about requiring CSR (customer service representative) training for sales [...]

Autonomous Reality: How Will Self-Driving Trucks Change the Trucking Landscape?

While science fiction fans still await flying cars, driverless or “autonomous” vehicles are quickly becoming a reality on the road. Sci-fi fans are thrilled, but the rest of us, not so much. The idea of freight-hauling tractor trailers rolling on US highways driver-free is absolutely frightening to most people. But with an 81% turnover rate, [...]

Driver Recruiting and Retention: Millennial Edition

Recruiting and keeping good drivers is always an issue. They’re not always available, and many longtime drivers are gradually reaching retirement age. The average driver in the US is almost 50 years old, and young drivers aren’t signing up in sufficient numbers to take the place of these old pros as they retire. Much has [...]

Empowering Drivers and Promoting Safety with the “Right to Decide”

When your company talks about “safety,” how far does it go? Are you giving tips with a sermon, or is safety engrained in your company culture? While “safety” covers a wide range of topics, the driver’s right to decide whether to drive under adverse conditions may be buried under other policies. Drivers are on the [...]

4 ways to prevent EPA fines with fleet tracking technology

Four good reasons why dispatchers, fleet managers, owners and drivers should consider deploying GPS fleet tracking. Read the source article at GPS Fleet Management Solution

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Trucking Experts Say Platooning is Near, Mull Cross-Carrier Partnerships, Data Sharing | Trucks.com

According to Tim Smith, GM of Business Strategy and Planning for Navistar International, automation won’t make truckers obsolete. Instead of being laborers, drivers will start to look more like managers --- "highly trained and skilled  and employed to manage multiple vehicle assets and use autopilot-like technology to improve efficiency and reduce risk,” Read the source [...]

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Fleet Telematics Bring Truck Platooning Closer to Reality

Trucking Efficiency says that industry experts predict platooning will accelerate the adoption of other, more advanced technologies such as collision avoidance and adaptive cruise control. Meanwhile, companies are developing V2V communication standards, platooning standards and cybersecurity protocols to ensure a safe, reliable system. For now, existing telematics capabilities and fleet management solutions are serving as [...]

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Roadcheck cargo securement inspection tips for trucking | Safety content from Fleet Owner

Former DOT officer, Andy Blair recommends fleets encourage drivers to use the North American Standard Out of Service Criteria book to help keep their trucks in service during the June inspection blitz – especially where cargo securement is concerned. Read the source article at Fleet Owner

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The Most Dangerous Highways In America – Geotab

From Parks Highway in Alaska to Interstate 80 in Wyoming, see the highways with the highest number of crashes and road fatalities in each state. Read the source article at geotab.com

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