We have covered a lot of ground in the 90 mile stretch from Corbyn, KY to Newport, TN – everything your Operations, Safety and Driver Teams might encounter and how to set your teams up for safety and success. Now we are switching to Driver Training.  A stretch like this on US 25E teaches us nothing if we haven’t trained our drivers to perform their best and their safest.

And how do we get them to do that? We are going to talk about driver payment models, as well as safety and performance incentives… So be sure to check us out every Wednesday!

Here’s what we are covering in the next two weeks:

  1. Schools & School Busses – would I want my diver sharing the road with my kids?
  2. Maintenance vehicles and road workers – power lines, shoulders, & hidden obstacles
  3. Farm & heavy equipment – load sizes, caution signs, judging distances, plenty of room
  4. By the hour or by the mile? Certain types of loads or vehicles on the same stretch of road might offer alternative compensation for some driver
  5. Incentive programs that work – how to keep your drivers engaged, and competing with one another

See you next week!

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