Endless systems and sensors are being added to commercial trucks. With them come endless data streams to tell you how well you are managing your drivers, your equipment, your schedule, your payroll… And more.

Seemingly endless numbers of vendors are now selling technologies that promise improved safety performance and efficiencies. How do we make sense of it all?

Coyote tackles the challenges and opportunities that fleets can find when investing in and maintaining an Open Telematics Platform – from both technical and management perspectives.

  • What do we mean by a closed platform or a “Walled Garden”?
  • Why is an open platform better?
  • How do you know if your vendor is really running an open platform?
  • Is it reasonable to expect all of the various vendor’s systems to work together without competing with one another? ANSWER: YES!

Starting October 26, join Coyote Managing Editor Stephen Jones and Publisher Jonathan Hubbard for our ongoing look at how an open platform can future proof your telematics investment. This series is designed to help you make smarter technology investments, and make sense of the IT and telematics choices facing even the smallest fleets today.

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